Foundation activities

The main contingent of the social and psychological service of the “Family and Childhood” Charitable Foundation is women who came to medical institutions to sign up for an abortion.

Social and psychological assistance to pregnant women

Very often they do this not of their own free will, but under the pressure of the closest social environment. Forcing an abortion of a pregnant woman by her husband or other relatives is one of the most extreme forms of domestic violence.

Sometimes one or two consultations of a family psychologist are enough for a woman to learn to defend the independence of her decisions. It is very likely that these women would never have had children if they were not provided with psychological support on time.

Medical advisory, legal and financial support

Through the efforts of the Fund’s psychologists and as a result of the provision of medical advisory, legal and financial assistance, more than five thousand women survived their pregnancies and now they are grateful for the support of everyone who helped them at a difficult moment. They are now happy mothers.

Popularization of traditional family values ​​among young people

Another area of ​​the Foundation’s work is the popularization of traditional family values. For this purpose, the Foundation has released 10 short videos aimed at increasing the prestige of a large family. In recent years, the Foundation’s films have won several All-Russian and international film festivals.

We hope that the activities of our Foundation will contribute to the most valuable thing on earth – children, their precious lives and the happiness of their mothers.
Charitable Foundation Family and Childhood