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In January 2000, in one of the maternity hospitals in Moscow, a service to help pregnant women in crisis began its work.

Work experience shows that often a woman goes for an abortion because of pressure from relatives. Often, professional psychological counseling is enough to help a woman resolve her internal problems, help her understand what she wants herself, and not the closest environment – her family, boss, friends, who often arrange real persecution for a woman, almost forcibly pushing her to abortion.

In an attentive psychologist, a woman finds moral support and that emotional involvement that is so necessary for a person in a difficult situation. In addition, in a number of cases, material assistance is also important. A small allowance paid to a woman in the last months of pregnancy and the first year after giving birth helps her decide to have a baby.

Through the efforts of the Fund’s psychologists and as a result of the provision of medical advisory, legal and financial assistance, more than three hundred women survived their pregnancies and are now grateful for their support at a difficult time. Now they are all happy mothers.

We are not trying to solve all their everyday problems for our wards and lay down responsibility and care for their lives and the fate of their children. The Foundation’s psychologists help a woman get rid of fears, mobilize internal resources and cope with difficult life situations.

In addition to cash benefits, as well as & nbsp; cots, strollers, medicines, the wards of the Foundation are provided with assistance in solving everyday issues. But the main thing, as the women themselves say, is the warmth and willingness to help, which are so necessary for mom and baby!

In these photos you can see some of the wards of the Family and Childhood Charitable Foundation, who at one time turned to the Foundation’s crisis service. You can read their feedback on the work of psychologists and social workers of the foundation, who provided them with such timely assistance.


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