Crisis Pregnancy Services

Is it easy to save a human life?

We usually like to look at our childhood photos. How funny we were once!

Now the technical capabilities allow us to see the baby even earlier – before birth!

Already on the 20th day, in the depths of the tiny man, a flickering of a red dot appears – the baby’s heart. And on the 40th, you can record brain vibrations on an electroencephalogram. At the age of three months, all organs and systems of the child are formed. The baby already feels warmth, touch, light and noise.

Every minute in Russia, seven of these children, whose heart is already beating, die under the knife of a doctor. For some reason their mothers came to the abortion clinic. Some of them just know very little about their child, others refer to the circumstances.

According to a group of psychologists of the “Family and Childhood” Charitable Foundation, for 15 years now working in maternity hospitals in Moscow, every tenth woman who comes for an abortion is ready to give birth to a child if she receives minimal help – psychological or material.  

In cases where a woman is forced to have an abortion by her closest relatives, two or three consultations of a psychologist are enough for her to learn to defend the independence of her decisions.  

In cases where she needs material support, the amount of 4-5 thousand rubles paid monthly for a year is enough for a woman while she must devote all her strength and time to a child and cannot earn herself.

These photos show babies who would not have been born if their mothers had not received support on time.  

They say that the one who planted a tree, built a house and raised a son did not live in vain. And many of us can say that we saved a human life, moreover, the life of a defenseless child? &Nbsp;

What can we do?  

If you have funds, you can support:

  • a psychological assistance service for pregnant women in a crisis situation (funding a week of operation of one psychological assistance point – 10 thousand rubles – allows you to save the life of one child);
  • any of the educational programs;
  • a specific pregnant woman in a crisis situation.

If you are a student – bring food from the dairy kitchen, take part in the collection of children’s things and toys, household appliances.

If you are a pensioner – to support the expectant mother morally, & nbsp; because the experience of a lived life is a lot.  

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