Program of the “Family and Childhood” Foundation for NGOs working with youth


We invite you to take part in the events *  Charitable Foundation “Family and Childhood”

for volunteers and employees of Russian NGOs,  working with YOUTH in the field of inclusion

to a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE  and FAMILY VALUES, including in the direction of LIFE PROTECTION.

THE PROGRAM   will include:

1. Three thematic   webinars   to disseminate positive and interesting experience of NGOs with youth (March, May, September 2017).

Following the results of participation in the webinar conferences, it is planned to issue certificates of professional development – do not miss it!

If you have any interesting developments – write to our mail – we will be glad to see you among the speakers!

(Topics and exact dates of webinars will be sent out later).

2. Full-time and remote consulting on organizational and methodological issues and supervision of difficult cases for employees and volunteers of NGOs.

Your questions will be answered by:

Rudneva Svetlana Alekseevna , curator of difficult counseling cases, psychologist, social worker: tel. 8 905 516-86-07,

Popova Tatyana Yurievna , psychologist, expert on TV and radio programs, teacher of advanced training courses: 8 800 100-44-55 (Tuesday  and Thursday  from 15 to 21 hours  Moscow time), for organizational questions and schedule clarification write:

Lazarenko Svetlana Nikolaevna , curator of counseling on-line forms (VKontakte and ICQ), psychologist:  You can check the work schedule and ask a question on the page:

Bachinina Olga Sergeevna , methodologist and developer of the statistical program:  help_bfsd  @  

3. Preparation and publication of a new methodological collection of work with youth   (circulation 3000 copies).

Indicative content:

young man: temptations and risks of modern life (prevention of STD infection, HIV / hepatitis, etc., prevention of early sexual intercourse, prevention of getting into a situation of violence (in the company of peers, a pickup truck, with a threat from adults), prevention of the use of psychoactive substances, prevention of risky behavior, etc.). Ways of integrating young people who find themselves in a difficult life situation into a full life and introduction to a healthy lifestyle.

We invite authors of articles for this collection!

4. Reprinting and distribution of the methodological manual , author E.A. Smirnova “What does a woman who has already decided everything” (circulation 3000 copies).

5. Improvement and dissemination of the computer statistical program   registration of calls to the help service for crisis pregnant women, including those from young people (version 2).

All events for participants are  FREE.

Send your APPLICATIONS and COORDINATES for communication by E-mail:

We would be grateful if you pass this information on to interested people and organizations .

* During the implementation of the project, state support funds are used, allocated as a grant in accordance with the order of the President of the Russian Federation dated 05.04.2016 No. 68-rp and on the basis of a competition held by the Pokrov Charitable Foundation.

Charitable Foundation Family and Childhood